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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Those Odd Moments

Because sometimes Life isn't interesting enough to take up more than a handful of lines. And sometimes because I'm too busy looking the other way.

When you unveil your spanking new gorgeous Powerbook and your Grandmama is sitting nearby, the screen lights up and suddenly you hear, in cantonese no less:

"Eh. Someone has taken a bite out of the apple!"

When in the middle of Orientation, someone says, without meaning any irony at all, "(Friend A) got into NUS law! She's so smart."

(I can only nod and go, "Mmmmmm.")

When at ContraDiction, Alfian Saat enlightens us on what our national identity might have been.

Even when I was a wee thing, I knew for a fact lions never had black manes and red bodies.

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