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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Coffee is my Bitch

Best line EVAR? This just occured to me in the midst of an msn conversation. I wonder if it's patented. Coming out of two camps, entailing name games, ice-breakers, introductions and all sorts of brain-numbing small talk, I find that it's both a convenient and accurate description to throw around: "Hi, remember me? I drink enormous unhealthy amounts of coffee."

As a disclaimer, I might add that it is the conventional wisdom that consuming lots of coffee is unhealthy. There are probably thousands of scientific reports and studies, boasting thorough research and expert analysis, out there touting both the heart-attack-life-saving-preventive or cancer-causing-death-courting effects of coffee. Information overload. Although I suspect, consuming anything tasting this potent in enormous amounts is unhealthy.

Hence, my tidbit of information still stands. I'm going for another camp tomorrow. Time to give it another walk.

There's a 'coffee connoisseur' card at the Dome franchise, which for 38 dollars gives you 10 cups of coffee. Which is great because I'd definately finish it before the 6 month expiry date.

I've been drinking coffee since secondary school. Not out of any dire need, I remember. Experimenting with the taste, wondering what the fuss was about: the traits becoming of a future addiction. The legit buzz frees the tongue, opens doors to triviality usually unfound, numbs the boredom. Life seems a shade lighter a cup of coffee emptier. Especially mornings bordering on school. Or work.

It even allows you to place a mug of coffee in uncommon places: a bed. A location brimming with that onimous potential for spillage, hence hardly ventured into without a dose of mighty caffeine. It's empty now, which eliminates the threat. But is going to smart tomorrow when I have to sleep and wake up at 9am tomorrow.

A substance inspiring hyberpole.


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