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Monday, July 18, 2005

Think Big Live Large

A "size law" will be passed in Buenos Aires, Argentina that will force clothes sellers to display and exhibit larger clothes sizes in their stores.

Now this makes me happy. And sad. In that mixed bittersweet way that heralds the triumph of rationality over common sense, of logic over humanity. It feels as if we've taken a nice step forward, only to realise we had gone two steps back already without even realising it.

The increasing use of and dependence on Law as a mechanism to correct social ills underlies the failings in other social institutions. When people go to the Lawyer's office to settle their grievances, when parents fight over their children in court, when it takes a Supreme Court order to get the NKF to spill its beans, when it takes an official legislation for shops to start being more considerate and sensible; it reflects on the family, marriage, charity, the kind of mindset of people in society.

Suddenly the passing of a law looks very simple in comparison to changing human behaviour.

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