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Thursday, July 28, 2005

supernova: where the corridors stink of salted fish

I have slept for 16 hours. I remember crashing at about 5 in the afternoon yesterday. My ringing handphone was thrust at me some time in the middle of my slumber, which I answered semi-coherently.

It was the teacher that I last relief-taught for. She had called to ask if I knew where her 3B civics and moral education books were. I mumbled several 'No's and grunts to show that I was still on the line (as tempted as I was). Being a veteran teacher, she was unsurprisingly oblivious to my semi-conscious responses and persisted in her line of inquiry. I inwardly cursed at the students who had blamed me for the missing books, perhaps thinking that I was a viable excuse to inflict the inquisition upon.

'...I asked for their books and they were 10 girls who said they gave their books to you so I thought they cannot be lying wad. Are you sure you don't have the books? Oh yah, I also need to ask you about my room keys. I can't find them and now I have to go to the office everytime...'

Never underestimate student collaboration in matters concerning delinquency.

I awake again past 9 in the morning, feeling a sense of wholeness. It's not a feeling of satisfaction as much of a feeling of un-dissatisfaction.

Because some experiences aren't designed to be expressed eloquently. Here is a list of the things I've gone through in the past 3 days:

1. Waking up at 6am after sleeping past 1am. Waking up at 6.45am after sleeping at 2am. Waking up at 7.45am after sleeping at 4am.

2. Potent coffee at the Prata Shop next to the SMU Evans building, also the Supernova Camp 2005 HQ.

3. Playing a gigantic scissors-papers-stone game along with 40 other people on my side. Oh, and it was 'Monster, Wizard, Dwarf' instead - actions and sounds included. Picture 40 people rising their hands and going 'Gaarrrrgghhhh!!' at another 40.

4. Climbing up and down 8 stories, plus several more flights because the facilitator wasn't at the 8th floor when I first arrived. I learn that cursing alone isn't as satisfying as swearing in front of other people.

5. I really suck at soccer. And I was playing against other girls.

6. Dragonboating is fun. Even if you're trying to keep pace behind a powerful super-experienced biceps-buldging dragon-boater guy and feeling guilty about soaking the girl sitting right behind you.

7. The longest bus chase yet. Ironically, after the number 16 bus that I seem to see everywhere when it's not unwanted.

8. Lots of pastamania. The best catered camp food yet.

9. Touch-rugby on a muddy field.

10. Ultimate frisbee on a muddy field.

11. Diving for playing cards at the bottom of a swimming pool. With shorts on, which was a very bad idea.

12. Going on the GMAX after downing raw egg and full-cream milk. And trying to show off in front of the installed camera. Pity there wasn't any sound capture. 'I can see my house from up here!'

13. Toothpaste, water, flour, water, face-paint, water, mud and more water. And getting swatted by giant sponge stick thingys by facilitators wearing monster masks.

14. Squashing giant red ants.

15. Eating fruit off a guy who escaped relatively clean from no.13. At least I wasn't the (un)lucky one eating the carrot dangling between his legs.

16. My first trip to KTV Box and proving beyond a doubt that I am indeed, tonedeaf.

17. The horror of removing wet feet from wet shoes after a long day's worth of activities.

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