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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Of Bloggers.SG 2005 and shameless plugs

While most of the olympian celebrities and puny human extras of Singapore's first Blog Convention are nursing tomorrow's (no pun, however little, intended) hangovers and retiring from a hard night of partying and Microsoft sponsored drinks, I am unfortunately totally sober and still musing over the irony of Microsoft throwing money at an Apple dominated event.

My neck is also stiff from sitting near the front and staring at the big screens mounted above the panel of speakers. Elegantly covered in white cloth befitting a wedding ceremony, the chairs surrounding the stage stood awkwardly in the middle of DXO, looking starkly bewildered at the shiny dance floor, luminescent lighting, liquor-ready bar, velvet couches and all-round murky confines of a typical club. They felt hotel-issue. They felt mightily uncomfortable.

The legal eagles were there to branish their powerful linguistic arsenal ("factual matrix") and dispense dead useful advice ("... ultimately, it varies on a case to case basis." - in lawyer speak, this roughly translates to: for further elaboration, that's 500 dollars an hour and please make an appointment.)

During the breaks, the big fish get swarmed with adoring fans waving digital cameras. Small fry like myself are impressed that the queue to the refreshments move very fast. Considerate people.

I discover Xiaxue is a really small girl who knows how to wield her makeup.

The #tomorrow.sg IRC channel developed a personality of its own. Along with it, a liking for lightbulb jokes as well as fondling someone's 17-inch.

The geek shall inherit the earth. And it appears that they shall do so with Apple. Irregardless of the drinks Microsoft buys them. Because they'd be too busy educating the ignorant that flickr is somehow allegic to 'e's.

There was a contingent from blog.vjc.sg. I groaned and covered my face accordingly as the shameless plug ensued, followed by multiple echoes on the IRC screens. Such blatant and despicable tactics - advertising The Victoria Junior College moblog in public. To think that the National Interschool Blogging Campionship which ends on the 31st June has encouraged such obvious, desperate attempts at publicity. Simply horrendous that the bloggers@VJC.com team has to stoop to such lows to ask people to vote them at 96183799 by smsing 'nibc vjc'. Who on earth would part with the sum of 35 cents per sms to help deprive RJC of the championship. Or go visit and raise blog.vjc.sg's hit count.

Shameless, I tell you.

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