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Monday, July 11, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing

I have come across blogs that excitedly proclaim how their site traffic has crossed the (insert large figure) number threshold and there is that proud celebratory mood familiar with reaching new heights, grand achievements, crying newborn babies, scaling mountainous peaks, cheating Death or achieveing 280 for your PSLE score.

I have not seen blogs that mope about their dwindling number of site hits. I suppose it has to do with a measure of self-dignity.

Where climbing traffic are matters of momentous celebration, falling hit counts make one go into secluded corners to cry, or hug stuffed animals (or real ones, should they be available - kitties, perhaps) or drop all trappings of civilisation, embark on a frugal life living on remote peaks with only a bunch of chanting monks as company.

They bring out the worst in people.

Including pointless posts.

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