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Friday, July 01, 2005

Almost Matriculated

Almost there. But not quite.

The story of my life.

Despite arriving at around three yesterday on the first day of SMU's matriculation runs, it turns out that two and a half hours isn't enough to finish everything. Especially so when one is obligated to attend a community service talk in order to be allowed to begin clocking our compulsory 80 hours of mighty good deeds. The logic of this obligation eludes me. But then so do many things.

Cruel fate scheduled the 4pm talk to concern the protection and maintenence Singapore's vital waterworks, a subject with as appeal to me as a enduring thumbscrews. The speaker whose primary task is imparting crucial information to the audience unfortunately found his duty upsurped by the wordy Powerpoint slides and decides to fulfill the optional role of comedic effect. He fares not better than the wordy, hugely uninteresting dull Powerpoint slides.

Hinting of desperation, the speaker recounts an annecdote of his that attempts to leech off the hype surrounding the recent body-parts murder. He implies he might have disposed of potential police evidence, thinking it was smelly river garbage. Dang, he didn't. The murder happened after he threw it away. Dang, the suspense.

Today I return for my interview for a forum mentoring CIP project. Unsurprisingly, they want the right kind of people to impart the right kind of values to teens so that they make the right kind of choices. I might not be selected. We'll see.

As a finishing touch,

"Can we wear black pants to Convocation?"

"You have to wear a black skirt. Last year's batch even wore their SMU scarves so it's already better for you guys this year."

"You have a SMU scarf!? Well. That's not very... practical."

Pants and boots. I'm be most happy wear that to both my convocation and graduation.

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