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Thursday, June 30, 2005

panels, words, forms

For those of you who have been living in a cave, type "i" your browser window. Ok? Then type "harth". Yup. For the answer your questions, please type "darth.com" and hit Enter.

Everyone <3th Darth. 2.
The good news: The termites are gone.

The even better news: We're still here.

The bad news: The whole row of kitchen cupboards are gone.

I do a double-take when I walk past the kitchen door, staring at the empty gap where the overhead cupboards used to be. No wood, no ugly beige tiles like on the rest of the walls - just dark grey exposed cement of that knotted, raw texture that never seems to go away after being slopped on during the construction process.

And a big grimy pipe sticking out of the wall.

Love. Lust. Loneliness. Lies. LA. Life. Loss.


Once again at the mercy of public transportation, I arrive at the SMU Bukit Timah campus on foot. On site, I discover the Evans building is way way round the back, tucked in the unchartered unfamiliar depths of treacherous, unknown, unexplored, strange regions beyond the comforting civilisation of busstops and traffic.

And because we are always at the mercy of higher powers, it starts to rain as I am halfway there.

And because bureaucracy is the fun and magnificent invention of our century, I get to be at the mercy of that.

To whom it may concern,

Everything happened so fast and I tried to catch up but I think I was a few Stations behind at goodness knows what number and then those people kept coming at me with all these community service project propositions and throwing pieces of colorful paper and things happened kinda fast so maybe you could come by and pick me up whenever it's convenient for you and remember to inhale and exhale and everything else should run like clockwork but don't forget to drop by later ok.

Neurons & Synapses,
Your Brain.

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