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Friday, June 24, 2005

Highly Flammable

The termite fiasco continues. The white destructive things have struck back, nawing and nesting in another one of the old, dingy, browning kitchen cabinets that have been courting infestation for many years.

As the logical, practical and perfectly sensible response to this unexpected complication, my Grandmama cries havoc and drenches the cabinets with kerosene. Nothing makes a mockery of her imposed order on the domestic universe. To be frank, she sprayed the cabinets, but hell-bent on vengence, the end result was no different from someone simply pouring the highly flammable fluid around: kerosene on the kitchen floor and dripping from the shelves. The fumes were overwhelming.

My dad, walking in and taking a whiff, "If anyone lights a match the whole place will go up."

"At least the termites will be gone," I returned.

"So will we."

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