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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Coulda Shoulda Woulda

Sometimes I wonder. Such times typically involve being alone, stranded on unfamiliar turf in the middle of the night and at the mercy of Singapore's public transport system and my instinctive sense of direction (The profit-maximising efficiency of the former tends to cancel out the lethality of the latter).

I wonder because there isn't much to do at a lonely bus stop next to either blindingly apathetically fast traffic or in front of a shady field that screams homicide victim dumping ground in the paradoxically silent way it just sits and waits covered in shadows. This was the time when my new handphone's battery also died.

I specifically remember being told not to get myself in situations I get myself into. In all sincerity, I'm glad wiser people have tried. Even if potentially fatal circumstances tend to eclipse my path with the inevitability of a shifting teutonic plate, it is the thought that counts. Thanks Grandma.

I do wonder though.

On another note, on rummaging through my email, I suspect that NUS has attachment issues. I could be wrong, of course.
Our records indicate that you have applied to the National University of Singapore in 2005 but eventually did not accept our offer. As an institution of higher learning which prides itself on recruiting the best students, we are saddened by your decision.
Is there an awkward pause here or is the paragraphing just misleading? Um.
We acknowledge however that you would have good reasons for doing so, and would like to request 5 minutes of your time in sharing them with us.
Look. It's not you really, it's me. Yes, there is another university in my life right now. Maybe it's for the best that we just go our separate ways. No hard feelings? There there now. You'll find other candidates out there.

Aw, man. Anyone got a hankie?

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