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Saturday, June 18, 2005

An Ancient Curse

National Geographic was showing a feature, something along the themes of King Tut's Curse or Killer Mould? and What did Tut in? Was it an assassin with a blunt instrument to the head? A chariot accident with multiple fractures? Or an unglamorously infected impacted wisdom tooth that realised the perils of an era before dental surgery?

I like watching documentaries. My only pet peeves are that as with any television show, there are advertisments (sometimes advertisments pertaining to the very show we are watching which is not very clever, network people). And that every documentary narrator, acting as though it is a job prerequisite, partakes a tone and pace fitting for a five year old after the child has asked a particularly sensitive question, the sort adults usually want to avoid with a ten-foot pole:

'On closer inspection, the experts found resin in an unexpected place. The resin was found inside a cavity within the hole in the knee cap. What does this mean? It means that the resin somehow got into the knee. The answer to this mystery will led experts to finally solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time. How did the experts find the answer? Did the resin get in before the king died? Or after he died? This is what we already know...'

Unfortunately, I do not bear the indomintable patience of an inquisitive five year old.

My Grandmama gave her take on the operation.

"What are they doing that for? So much effort! Alreade so long ago, got use meh? What if they find out who killed him? How to take revenge!"

"Nothing to do still find something to do."

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