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Monday, May 16, 2005

Hip 'n' Cool

So exciting. I've been Brown'd (or something like it). The lack of Kids Central cartoons that I like on Sundays (I'm usually sleeping late on Saturdays) was suddenly offset by my noticeable jump in blog traffic - not of xiaxue-magnitude of course, more like the number of comments one of her average, less controversial, flame-less, obscure posts gets.

Nonetheless, I feel hip and cool.

And I say hip and cool because I'm kiasu mah. The term cool feels kinda old. Like it's on its way out but we can't seem to find a suitable candidate to replace it. Fetch didn't catch. AwwwSUM! couldn't survive the climate beyond US borders. The most likely substitue seems to be Hot, as per Paris Hilton's uber-versatile 'That's Hot.'

The only problems I see barring Hot's triumph over Cool is that one, enough people hate Paris Hilton. Having her enormous semi-orgasmic self sprawled over the walls of Guess at a popular junction in the middle of a hectic shopping centre is not helping. (Is anyone going to help that poor chihuahua? What are those PETA people doing?!) Two, people will be immensely confused:

Dude: 'Whoa, that's cool.'
Dudette: 'No, that's hot.'
Dude: 'That's cool.'
Dudette: 'I told you, that's totally hot!'

If cool is a tad outdated, then the prehistoric hip should balance out.

In my quest to reach newer, greater heights of hip coolness, I have cut my hair. More specifically, I cut my hair short. Consequently, as I walked into class, my ears picked up whispered, horrified exclamations of 'Oh my god, what did she do to her hair?!' and the more subdued ''cher, why you cut your hair?' Hey, they should've seen it when I woke up in the morning. It looked alot like carpet grass - complete with the trampled look of random cow-nibbled-ness.

Wait 'till I do highlights.

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