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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Gahmen says we not scared, ok?

Reuters reports:
Singapore says no climate of fear in city-state
Singapore defended its media laws on Friday and balked at the suggestion that its citizens live in a climate of fear... [Singapore's home affairs minister Wong Kan Seng] was quoted as saying in Singapore's Straits Times.
"Get real. Come on, we live in the real world in Singapore."

Yessir, whatever world you want us to live in, we will live in it. Real or fake also can. No problem.
Wong, who will assume the post of deputy prime minister later this year, also defended a law which bans political videos, saying that the law is applied in an even-handed manner...
"Political videos, by their very nature, will be political, will be biased and, therefore, will not be able to allow the listener or the viewer to see a whole range of arguments."
Statements by politicians, by their very nature, will be political, will be biased and nonetheless will be entertaining.

Actually, I not very greedy. I know all the 3-in-1 products - like shampoo-conditioner, fax-copy-print machines, handphone-organiser-gaming handset, gaming-dvd-chatting console - all very popular nowadays. I know the gahmen work very hard to make Singaporeans happy. Maybe Singaporeans should not expect our political videos to be also 3-in-1.

Even if I don't get all the arguments in one package, I won't be unhappy. I can go see other videos to have the full range. Then maybe we can have a political dvd box set like LOTR and Star Wars. Imagine the collector's edition: we can have the PAP video, the opposition video and the behind the scenes 'Making of' footage and interview clips with more political statements inside. Not bad marketing idea leh.

Can charge S$200 per box set. Soundtrack and miniatures included.

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