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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Aw, shucks.

(Leave your staffroom desktop alone and by the time you get back from class, it has resetted itself and your last post has disappeared. Damn it. Either the machine is possessed or my collegues are.)

My English Secondary 4 class gave me a going-away present. It came as quite the surprise - considering I can't remember what and if I'd taught them anything. They are supposed to be mugging away for their Mother Tongue. I guess any alternative to that is motivation enough.

Ok, I kid. They are a bunch of lovely buggers.

A group of them were frantically waving at me from outside the staffroom. I exited, feeling returning to my extremities after being compromised by a combination of rainy weather and air-conditioning set to repell the hotter Singaporean humidity.

As embarrassing as it is, I can't recognise a whole lot of my students. Not after one month. And when they thrust this happy green envelope under my nose, the first thought that jossled for attention was 'Dang, there's no clue here!' So absorbed as I was in the search for their identities. And the reason for their... enthusiasm...

Upon realising that it was a goodbye-sucks-that-you're-going-and-the-old-****'s-coming-back gift, I didn't know how to react. Again! Confound it! I stared. I gaped like a goldfish. I stared some more, trying to figure out what class exactly they were from so I could just plunge into the thank yous. I stood there basking, glowing in magnificent idiocy until one of the girls asked "You're not gonna cry, are you?"

Uh, no. Just uh, well, um. Er. I uh, how sweet.

Spontaneous eloquence was never my forte.

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