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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pointless remarks

My grandmother just pointed out to me how Chinese singers always cry with one eye in their music videos. I added that they not only have one eye to cry with, they also only shed one tear - rolling down their cheeks in that gratuitous close-up slow-motion shot designed to convey their emotional depth and grand acting prowess. I suppose it's because when people are truly distressed, they are stricken by this strange affliction which paralyses half of their face (or the whole of it, depending on their acting scope) minus the tear ducts in one eye.

Another meaningless observation: If you ever past by the green field next to the Liang Court area, turning into town (it would be Fort Canning Park), you will be struck by the mysterious appearance of many colourful cows. They're rather adorable in a cardboard cartoonish way - painted warm colours, spots included. There are dozens of them, just standing around as mounted cut-out boards tend to do, staring wide-eyed at their surroundings the way real cows never do.

I wonder if the cows have anything to do with the vehicle cow tail advertisments. The rear of the buses say "Moove is More" - another cryptic clue. I wouldn't be surprised if this were some dastardly scheme by some modern-day supervillian designed to confound superheros (and in so doing lead to the former's inevitable defeat).

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