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Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Other Shoe

When your eyeball is an inch away from an angry cat, you tend to remove yourself from such a situation as soon as possible. There might be the unfortunate 'pop' as claw meets membrane, the wet sensation of vitreous humor dribbling down one cheek.

It suddenly dawns on you that your cat is a natural lethal killing machine. The rapid slapping of her tail against your face implies that the only thing barring her from exercising her razor sharp implements on your supple human skin is the provision of all her future meals.

You hope cats plan for the future.


Flag-raising in school. The only glimmer of interest rests on the school flag creeping behind the national one. The assembled students continue to murmur the anthem (the troupe of latecomers gathering strength at the gate) as the school flag creaks up the string, persevering yet perpetually lagging.

Each morning the doomed affair plays out before the oblivious hundreds in uniform - a strained pursuit, a tedious resignation, a last-minute scramble to meet at the apex.


Aiyah. You kenna rejack. Nowadays always liddat one. Noe result quite jialat alrede but still damn sad ehh.

How to say... Keck Sum.

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