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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Morning sacrilege

Every morning that I manage not to be late, I am subjected to a news update by a couple of student councillors that Prozac will not be reaping profits off of. It should be a crime to be that cheery in the morning. Punishable by an angry mob armed with pitchworks, medieval weaponry and burning torches.

Why, blasting happy music over the PA system and chripily reading out news headlines on a working weekday morning should warrant Death by Mob (not a spectator sport, my dears). Blasting happy music in what appears to be chinese over the morning PA system that I do not understand should warrant consecutive Death by Mob(s), where we simply dig you up and kill you again until the appropriate somber morning mood is met.

And if the collective morning mood didn't sway us from casting the first rock well, we'd have done with... ZZzzz.......

Councillor voice [totally gushing]: "I hear this guy at the Lord of the Dance is reeeeeealleeee good-looking!"
Teachers [disturbingly ad union]: "WHO?!?!?"

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