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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Job Perk

After class, a student comes up to me, "There's something I want to tell you."

I blinked, "Uh, okay." I hoped it wouldn't be anything bad.

"I think you're damn cool teacher!" She says. Her friend next to her agreed and nudged her to say more. Helpful friend, that.

"The first time you walked into class, I asked [my friend] who you were because you were damn cool!"

I blinked again. Okay, this was good and... Creases started to appear on my forehead as I concentrating on delivering an appropriate reply. Thoughts sluggishly fought to the surface, squirming for attention. How does respond to an unexpected direct compliment?

Answer: Probably not like this.

I muttered a dazed thank you. And then added a totally unnecessary remark on rethinking the teaching bit because it was a stressful occupation. I suddenly had the pressure of living up to the label of damn cool. A small voice inside whimpered for coffee. Correcting her language was the most remote thing on the desolate landscape of my mind at this moment.

The students shuffled off to their next session of mental hibernation cum idle chatter. Having survived the latest onslaught of lessons, I scurried back to the air-conditioned sanctuary of the staffroom.

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