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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Not being particularly keen on renewing my Amore subscription, I only dread reverting to being that inert pale yellow slob at the end of the A levels. I am currently quite satisfied with my lumbering (given the right conditions) murky-yellow (under varying lights) self. And there must be cheaper means on the road to glorious unashamed-to-wear-tube-in-public fitness. Especially if bright shining magnificant fitness comes with a range of accessories.

Like sports shoes, which I attempted to buy. As with any discerning, informed consumer unwilling to part with a large amount of cash on one purchase that one might not frequently (or ever again) use, I checked out the online websites. The Singapore Nike women's website was undeniably chic, colourful and high-tech. It was also utterly useless for anyone wanting to browse through say, oh-I-don't-know sporting goods. As I clicked at the screen searching for links perhaps deviously hidden in the hot pink background, I only hope that their shoes manage more practicality than their websites.

My confusion was heightened as I took to the shops to look and handle the shoes. Alot of sport shoes these days bear trendy, hip labels like Presto and Supernova. While all this is nice and good, sometimes I want a specific kind of shoe like oh-I-don't-know running shoes. Maybe I'm too demanding. The labels on the shoes say things like TorrentMax or Vertico Extreme or Clima Vortex or Express Buzz Duplex or SuperGravoHyperPlus! I know it's important to make us consumers feel happy that we're buying shoes that will allow us to break the sound barrier and escape the atmosphere. I just want to ask: What kind of shoe is it? Tennis? Running? Cross-trainers? Walking? Well, yes, I can tell a soccer shoe from the rest but you could at least try squeeze in the shoe type beneath RadicalReduxGalaxticStarburstThrustNova.

Just a clue would be good. Maybe a letter. Before I get too lazy to leave the house.

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