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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bright Young Things

I have bad mood swings. Whereas most people manage moods that are more predictable - oscillating back and forth relentlessly with the lethal gleam of a pendulum down-down-down towards Poe-inspired decapitation - my moods are atomic monsters that lurk at oceanic depths dragging aircraft carriers and oil tankers to a watery grave, if not scaling the heights of some culturally significant architecture (If you promise not to look closely too into my metaphors, I promise I won't either).

Stricken, I did what every smart, rational, thinking person in the Twentieth Century would do: I looked for something to throw blame at. Many people have turned blame lobbin' into an sophisticated art-form gun-slingers would be proud of, following the rise of other social activities, such as bitchin'-until-the-other-gives, two-handed-back-stabbin' and everyone's old favourite bootlickin' the boss. Such trends should continue if arenas for the aforementioned interaction increase - starting with the increasing Project Work for secondary school kids to initiate the future of our nation into the corporate world.

Hey, maybe primary schools should start looking into it - imagine the fun: " Tee-char!! You ver-lee preety today leh!" " No fair one tee-cha, he make my crayon broken now cannot finish!" "Must punish her leh, she always colour so slow one!" Haha. See, our next generation of entrepreneurs. Doesn't it bring a tear to your eye? Tissue, please.

Instead of developing into a bio-medical hub or a casino Integrated Sin City wonderland, maybe we should tap into our comparative advantage and develop our never-say-die kiasu-ism. Then hor, with our grammatically more efficient Singlish lingo facilitating communication and cannot-lose-out attitude when bargaining, we can win more awards and be Number One in stuff again! This time business stuff.

Okay, maybe I've been watching too much of The Apprentice.

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