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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Why why why

Have you ever seen those bus and taxi advertisment gimmicks where they have bizzare spotted-cow-like tails drooping from the back of the vehicles? I saw my first one the other day while waiting for the number 14 bus. I'm just wondering: what are they about? What company do these monstrosities work for? They are more inscrutable than Lassie trying to signal Timmy's down the well! You people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to be creative. What am I supposed to buy?!

There are a few weird advertisments on MRT trains. When you spend about an hour on public transport travelling to school and then an hour back again, you tend to notice things. There are rice ads with a young chinese girl eating rice with this elderly man wearing the SMRT uniform. First of all, I wonder why people even bother advertising for rice when it's just well... rice.

Second of all, I already know that I am sitting on one of the best public transport systems around. I'm looking at these giant-sticker ads and the rice company probably has some sort of contract in place with the SMRT line. But do I really need to see the old chap in the vaguely green-blue-ish SMRT uniform? Is he fulfilling the protective father figure role, giving a sort of parental assurance that eating that brand of rice is an excellent choice and so is riding the only available subway service in Singapore?

The stupidest advertisments put up at MRT stations seem to originate from (who else) SMRT themselves. They have this running tag-line that goes 'It didn't GET OUT enough', implying that your corporation should place your ads on their trains and stations because they get around alot. Now, riding the public transportation system isn't exactly my idea of heading OUT. It's more of a necessary evil individuals without cars have to endure to get from point A to B. And there's this one ad that goes 'Why did the Dodo become extinct?' Cue: 'It didn't GET OUT enough'.

Firstly, the crudely drawn cartoon bird on display is NOT a dodo. A dodo does not even remotely resemble an owl. Owls, fabled predators of the night and symbols of wisdom, would be immensely insulted at this association. And the other thing, wasn't GETTING OUT the whole reason why the dodo got extinct? Staying outdoors meant getting hunted to extinction by the most savage and destructive of unnatural predators, namely us.

Dodos should have bummed around in their burrows, watched teevee, feasted on chips, played mahjong and gambled until they all keeled over from strokes, heart failure and other sedentary lifestyle health symptoms. It would have been, on the whole, a more pleasant demise for the species.

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