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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Whither art thou

This is Karmic Hell. I cannot see the desk. There must be a desk somewhere around here because all this junk can't be supporting it's own weight (or can it? Ahh.). I see papers, notes, transparencies, files, log books, note books, worksheets, plastic folders, more papers, paper files, reading books, tapes, dictionaries, even more papers, stationary, sweet wrappers and bars, a green plastic cup and mug (plus other assorted Teachers' Day presents from eons past) and even some plastic flowers that look as if they are going to grow mold despite their synthetic origins.

Three months into the new year and it's been a rather eventful trek through the working life (if that's anything to be proud of). Thus far, I have been an usher cum waitress harrassing patrons long Boat Quay, an intern at a tiny law firm for one pathetic day, a relief-teacher at two schools and now, savouring two weeks off, I'm back to relief-teaching. At the same school. Bounce, bouncey, bounce.

I step out of the MRT at Seng Kang (the maximum MRT fare is $1.60, for any of you interested) and the prospect of teaching again has all appeal of a pile of bricks. Or perhaps even cat poo, which I am becoming much too familiar with around the house - but that's a story for another day. Of all things, at this very moment, I recall Sam's final line in The Lord of the Rings "Well... I'm back". I nearly keel over from the irony. Try saying that line en route back to Mordor, 'cos that's how I'm feeling.

I have to hold the proverbial fort for about 2 months. First things first, I have to find the fort. It appears to be some kind of intervention from the Powers That Be. Is this where i'll wind up decades down the road if i continue my tardy, procrastinating, slothful ways? Is this a sign, to show me my errors and to have me repent? I can't move the computer mouse more than an inch either way and a corner of this keyboard hangs off the table.

The disturbing thing is that I'm not questioning why the desk disappeared. I know how the desk disappeared. Operating on the principle that 'What Is Left Behind Stays Put', I leave things around hoping that they'd stay put, as inanimate objects tend to do when untounched. In the best of scenarios, what results is a sort of organized chaos where I can at least identify what pile is approximately what. But this here is nasty.

Although if I really tried, I suppose, I could probably achieve the same result. Perhaps even quicker.

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