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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

An Okay day

The funniest thing I remember after exercising:
Bev: "My mom thinks practising Yoga is wrong because you worship the 'sun god'."
Me: "Huh."
Bev: "I told her that if positioning our bodies a certain way makes the Devil enter us... Well, he must be quite strong then."

Yesterday was my job interview. As usual, I was late. I wasn't running late because I rarely run for, towards or at things. The only explanation I offer is that I look stupid running. And I'm lazy. Lateness is one of those things that do not inspire me to run. Neither does a bus I am about to miss, or bad weather. Impending death might be a source of motivation, although it would still depend on how excruciating and grosteque my manifestation of imminent doom will take. Anyway, my interview went something along the lines of this:

Interviewer #1: So the job basically consists of blahblahblahblah...
Me: Okay.
Interviewer #2: For the most part blahblahblah...
Me: Okay.
Interviewer #1: You will be required to go for a training course of 4 days starting blahblahblahblah... Me: Okay.
Interviewer #2: Remember to bring blahblahblah...
Me: Okay.
Interviewer #1: You will be working from blahblahblahblah...
Me: Okay.

Granted, this transcript is not wholly accurate. In real life, interviewers #1 and #2 will never take turns to speak and will never share what they are supposed to say. There might also be an extra 'blah' here and there, but hey, I can't be expected to remember everything.

During an interview, a scrape with death or some other potentially psychologically-scarring incident, one tends to have an outer-body experience. The kind when you see yourself reacting in a most (un)characteristically stupid fashion and feel totally helpless to prevent consequental annihiliation. I envisioned my head spinning around and exploding from my accumulation of sheer utter moronity if I said 'Okay' one more time. With great determination, here's how I fared:

Interviewer: "...so you might end up wearing those (dorky) mike and earphone headsets."
Me (lamely): " ... that sounds... interesting."

I left the high-security building (you will recognise this from the confusing number of white winding corridors designed to disorientate potential intruders and staff personel, the battered security card passes and the totally blase woman security guard sitting at the front counter wearing a cast on one arm) and decided to make my way home, or at least somewhere less boring.

My keen sense of direction and many years of harrowing experience transversing public transportation (getting myself lost, being late etc.) has taught me that to head back to where you came from, you simply cross the road to the opposite bus stop and take the same bus from there. Unfortunately, someone had inconveniently planted a towering skyscraper right across the road. In fact, there were many giant corporate buildings blocking my view of the counterpart bus stop. The one-way street in front of me twisted and turned at near 90-degrees in an obvious effort to emphasise Singapore's land scarcity.

Next to me, Hong Lim Park, in all its greenery and space, lazily rolled its eyes.

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