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Monday, March 14, 2005

I was awakened before 9 in the morning because no one knew when the postal service collects the daily mail. I had to send the few supporting documents for my PSC scholarship application (a laughable attempt, I realise) and the deadline was... well, today actually. It's too bad the postal service doesn't work Sundays. It somehow contradicts the whole 'No matter, rain, snow, killer dog or cosmic sucking black-hole, we will deliver' mantra.

So someone got the idea that there was an early collection at 9am. So bright and early off I went, in my slept-in shirt, flip-flops and shorts ton the post box right across the street, only to discover that the mail collection does it's rounds at 5pm. And then I went back home and learnt that the kitchen was infested with termites and the counter was soaked with kerosene. Since my Grandmama has so conscientiously reminded me, I thought I'd share: my black cat Hero has recently developed something resembling diarrhea and regularly passes his faeces in the living room area. Somehow, nothing quite disturbs me anymore.

It's going to be one of those languid days.

Last Saturday was the NUS openhouse and like all openhouse events, was spectacularly dull and hellishly crowded. It does not help that the university is tucked into an obscure pocket in the West, requiring multiple bus-train-bus journey transfers even for someone living in the central area. Thankfully, although most of the talks were choked full and we couldn't bother to cram ourselves in (ascending the stairway was claustrophobic enough, thank you very much), it was not a total loss. I was delighted to learn that NUS Law did offer jurisprudence, although now that I check the website, I learn that the girl I asked gave me the wrong information about jurisprudence being a second-year compulsory course. I hope she mentally kicked herself after misleading me. As my ol' Amath tutor sharply pointed out just now while we were both buying lunches from the coffeeshop outside and I mentioned my interest in studying Law: as a lawyer, you can't make a mistake! Not one!

For the sake of my mental well-being, I shall believe that may be a slight exaggeration.

And before that, I learnt that the cool (yes, cool) law and econmics double-degree honours programme will only accept ten (yes, ten) people from the A-level intake. The lady at the booth pointed out how the programme was an elite one and would only take in the very best. I wondered, if the NUS Law faculty already holds a reputation for being snobbish elitist bastards: would this herald in a new generation of super-uber snobbish elitist bastards? I mean, with the university already hailing it an elite programme, it wouldn't take too much imagination. Fancy the university finally approving a double-degree that truly sounds fun to attempt and taking the fun out of it.

As I pointed the intake bottleneck to a friend, she replied: YAH. wtf. like, how to get in?! Seeing as how this particularly girl has a perfect score of 4As and two S paper distinctions going for her, I think the sentiment expressed speaks immense volumes for myself, what with my less than satisfactory A level scores. The thought makes me very depressed.

The termites appear to have been vanquished. I'm helping return the china to their lofty spots.

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